Fireball partialy seen by Brasov Station

Last night my test station catched a nice fireball. Despite the partialy clouded sky and the fact that I still have some focusing issues with the camera  because of the missing adapter I had the luck to catch at least a part from a quite bright fireball that seems to exit the field before hitting his peak of brightness.

The camera aproximative orientation was azimute : 90 degrees / altitude 45 degrees

UPDATE: the two start visible in the image seems to be delta and theta Leo, so the altitude of the camera was probably a little smaller  ( 40 degrees )

Below a pic an animated gif and a URL with the whole movie.

bscap0001 ufo16


How to build a meteor station

To build a standard meteor station you will need the following main components:

  • A highly sensitive video camera;
  • A camera lens;
  • A dedicated computer;
  • A video grabber (if the camera produces analogue output)

Besides this it might be needed some cables , lens adapters, a camera housing box for outside and some wall fixing accessories. Also a programmable socket outlet might be useful.

In the following I will present the standard component combination we use at most stations in our network to provide a simple “recipe” for fast building a functional station. Changing components might need some extra time needed for testing and fine tuning.

Our standard component combination is:

Other small accesories:

  • RG6 cable (BNC to RCA) for conecting camera to grabber
  • C-CS adaptor to increase a few mm the distance between camera and lens (without it the camera will not focus unless is the lens is partially unscrewed )
  • 12V / 300mA adapter for video camera (if not included with the camera )
  • Housing box for camera and wall fixing accesories

Software : CAMS or UFOCapture

A very detailed manual about building a station can be found here  courtesy of Dave Samuels.

In this manual you can find also some useful recomandation about Watec camera settings.

Right below a picture of a disassembled station by Raul Truta: